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Press Release - June 2009

ebaboard or ebablock?

ebalta introduce new vacuum /
thermo forming tooling material,
available as boards or custom
cast-to-size blocks
Vacuum forming tool produced
from ebaboard 105

ebalta Distribution has announced the introduction of a new, high temperature resistant material optimised for vacuum forming and thermo forming tooling.

The new, light grey material is available in a variety of board sizes and for larger tools, as a custom cast-to-size block manufactured according to the required tool dimensions.

ebaboard 105 features a lower density than other vacuum forming tooling boards for easier handling, improved wear resistance for longer production runs and easy, fast machining coupled with excellent surface finish and easy post processing.

In addition, the new vacuum / thermo forming board has a high temperature resistance exhibiting an HDT of 98°C. With excellent dimensional stability and a low coefficient of linear expansion it produces highly accurate tooling whilst the good edge strength properties allow for fine detailing and definition on the formed parts.

The new ebaboard 105 is available for next day delivery and in three sizes; 1000 x 500 x 50 mm, 1000 x 500 x 75 mm and 1000 x 500 x 100 mm.

For larger tools, the same material is available as ebablock® 105. A custom made, joint-less block that can be cast close-to-contour in volumes up to 665 litres and from 35 mm – 350 mm in thickness according to individual tool dimensions. This product features no bond lines and less waste providing a second economical tooling solution for vacuum and thermo forming applications.

The unfinished blocks are available on a short delivery time of 5 - 7 days depending upon the customer requirements, with each custom made block being delivered directly to customers premises.

ebalta and ebablock are registered trademarks of ebalta Kunststoff GmbH.

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