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Press Release - March 2012

More demanding flammability
specification RIM products from ebalta

Component produced from pigmented, natural MG321 FR-S, courtesy of Prototype Projects

Introducing MG321 FR-S approved to UL94 V-0 and UL94 5VA

ebalta Distribution has announced an exciting enhancement to their low pressure RIM flame retardant range, by the recent introduction of MG 321 FR-S. This polyurethane material has been developed and introduced to the market to meet customer requirements for more demanding flammability specification products for specialised applications in the medical, automotive, rail vehicle and electronic data processing (EDP) sectors.

A first in the UK market, the two-component, self extinguishing material, MG 321 FR-S is commercially available in two colours, black or natural. Both colours are approved to the highest flammability standards of UL94, widely regarded as the safety standard for flammability of plastic materials for parts in devices and appliances testing, meeting both UL94 V-0 and UL94 5VA at 3mm thickness. Proof of certification is available from ebalta and can be issued upon request. In addition, the natural material can be pigmented but further testing would be required on the final component to grant the UL flammability standard.

This self extinguishing MG 321 FR-S has a pot life of 50 – 60 seconds at 20°C and a cure time of 15 – 20 minutes at 50°C. It exhibits a high heat resistance and a glass transition temperature, Tg of 13°C.

MG 321 FR-S has been developed and market tested for applications where the highest of flame proofing is required, ensuring very low flame spread and minimal quantities of smoke or toxic fumes in the event of a fire. Products approved to the more demanding UL94 5VA specification provide extra protection against the formation of holes appearing in test specimens and therefore in the manufactured components produced in these materials.

Market applications now demanding these higher flammability accredited materials include interior linings for rail vehicles, moulded plastic enclosures for medical equipment manufacture such as sterilizing or centrifuge equipment, electronic component panels and housings as well as covers for combustion engines.

MG 321 FR-S is available from stock in matched mix ratio pack sizes of 200kg / 100kg and 20kg / 10kg for next day delivery within the UK market.

For further information go to www.ebaltadistribution.co.uk to download the technical data sheet or contact your local ebalta Distribution technical sales representative for technical support or to arrange trial materials.

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